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Bold Touch 9900

Blackberry Bold Touch 9900

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To receive the full working price for your phone it must:

  • Power on
  • Be fully functional
  • Have standard software
  • Not have visible wear and tear

Your phone must not be reported lost/stolen or be pin-locked. Deductions will be made for the parts required to bring your handset to a saleable condition.


To receive the non-working price for your phone it may have:

  • Broken/Cracked LCD
  • Camera damage
  • Buttons missing
  • Keypad damage
  • Faulty charger port
  • Faulty microphone
  • Faulty earpiece
  • Faulty software

Your phone must be complete and must not be pin-locked or reported lost/stolen.

What happens to your handset

The value of your phone is assessed, taking into account any parts required to bring it back to a saleable condition. If our offer is less than that on your original order, you will be notified by email. You can review our offer and decide to accept the offer or have your phone returned.

After we pay you for your phone, we extend its usable life by clearing its data, updating its software and replacing any parts required to put it back into a saleable condition. Your phone is then resold into emerging markets where it is found a new home.